Why us?

You have grown over 20 people and haven’t got an HR department yet.

A Business in the growth stage scale faster than you think. It becomes difficult to set up basis processes in larger organizations than when you do it while being small in size. Once you are 20 member strong team, Human Resources (HR) concerns start eating into Senior Management time. The associated Cost of this can be manifold if Senior Management has a revenue generating responsibility as well.

Your customers want more of you and you are dealing with internal people issues.

In the growth and competitive business stage , you want to be with your customer as much as you can but frequent people concerns related to people policies, hiring process, reviews, conflicts, employee life cycle management , meetings keep you entangled most of the time. Soon you start reducing client interface, something you should do last.

Your new employees are asking for induction, their roles, KRAs, performance rewards and you are wondering what’s happened to them.

They are being natural, that’s how professional organizations work. In absence of these, their stay is a matter of time; it’s highly likely that they’ll move on to professional workplaces if basic organizational frameworks are not put in place.

You’ve have frequent changes in your HR team during a year.

Average tenure of HR professionals in an organization is around 10 months. HR processes take time to seep-in, before they start impacting. If HR professionals do not stay put, no magic can happen.

You’ve never really headed a team of HR professionals successfully on your own.

Leading a team of HR professionals needs both knowledge and competence. Unfortunately this is not a function you can run as a part time role; you can of course ruin it. Need for dedicated Experienced HR Professionals attention in areas like Institution building, culture building, Reward & Recognition, system & process orientation is significant for the growth of the organization.

You are increasingly sensing Employee Laws compliance risks & not aware of where you’re going wrong.

Employment Laws today are a “moving target” & in managing employees the right balance of caution with the assumption of risks is important to business success. Labour laws compliance commitments are more than what meets the eye. Right from setting up office, hiring, confirming, reviewing, reprimanding, paying, exits compliance needs can be enormous. Addressing of these compliances at the right time will provide sufficient protection from potential legal liability. Let’s not find this only when things go wrong.

You and your managers swing between hard decisions and appeasement without proper basis.

It is impossible to take decisions consistently and fairly in absence of a robust HR policy framework. What you think as deciding on feet could be seen as a knee jerk decision, favoritism, or high handedness by team members. Absence of appropriate guidelines deters managers from taking decisions and they delegate tasks upwards.

HR is not your business, it's ours, leave it to us, you focus on your core business
while we will ensure that you run on a more effective, responsive and proactive HR delivery model all the time.